Transforming Organisational Culture

Healthy organisational culture matters, regardless of sector or size. Not just for retaining and recruiting employees, but also in terms of productivity, customer service and the quality of work delivered across the organisation.
If you want to learn more about transforming culture, join Tiggy Atkinson in our free webinar. 

You will learn:

  • Why it is necessary to measure and review your company culture
  • How to engage the wider business in the need to transform
  • What the role of HR is when it comes to Organisational Culture

This webinar will be of particular interest to:

  • HRDs
  • Chief People Officers
  • Heads of HR
  • Heads of Transformation
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About the speaker:

Tiggy Atkinson

Partner, Nine Feet Tall

Skilled at project delivery, an expert change manager and a cultural change specialist, Tiggy is a Partner with over 18 years’ experience. Extremely versatile and personable, Tiggy has led the delivery of numerous projects and programmes, including both technical and people led change programmes.

Always striving to establish strong, lasting relationships built on trust and open conversation, Tiggy speaks her mind and believes that the keys to delivering successful projects are to get out there and talk to teams on the ground, understand their concerns and frustrations and then work to find positive ways forward.


Tiggy Robinson