How to innovate in 2019…

Key considerations for law firms. 


Law firms can’t afford to stand still…but where do you begin, what are the opportunities and how can you ensure innovation is strategic?  


On this webinar, you will learn…

  • why law firms should be innovating
  • the challenges firms face in 2019
  • what are the innovation opportunities?
  • how to start with purpose and get it right
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3rd April midday
10th April midday

About the speaker:

Tiggy Robinson

Partner and Legal Expert at Nine Feet Tall

Skilled at project delivery, an expert change manager and a cultural change specialist, Tiggy is a Partner with over 15 years’ experience. Extremely versatile and personable, Tiggy has led the delivery of numerous projects and programmes for law firms, including both technical and business change programmes. Tiggy's key skills are advising firms on how to review their project portfolios, set up innovation programmes and project management offices.

Always striving to establish strong, lasting relationships built on trust and open conversation, Tiggy speaks her mind and believes that the keys to delivering successful projects are to get out there and talk to teams on the ground, understand their concerns and frustrations and then work to find positive ways forward.

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