ERP & Change Management - double your chances of implementation success

This webinar will take you through how to successfully land your ERP programme.  

During the webinar, you can learn:

  • What's standing in the way and how to overcome this
  • 9 top tips to guarantee success  

Every Friday 12:30pm


About the speaker:

Esther McMorris
CEO & Founder of Nine Feet Tall

Skilled at project delivery, an expert change manager and a cultural change specialist, Esther set up Nine Feet Tall with one mission, to make change happen. Esther has led a wide range of technology and business transformation programmes and helped clients to achieve growth, increase profitability and become more agile. Esther operates best in complex, fast-moving organisations with ambitions to grow. 

"The amount of challenges were actually quite small, given the scale and complexity of the project - which reinforces the great work that Nine Feet Tall and the team have done during the project and in preparation of the go-live. Well done to you and the team and our partners around us."                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pieter Coetzee DANiS Regional Director UKIE, Danone Nutrica

About Nine Feet Tall

Nine Feet Tall is a unique, multi award-winning management consultancy based in Bath. We are jargon-free and pride ourselves on delivering change that sticks. We deliver significant return on investment for leading brands such as Danone, John Lewis, Barclays and DAC Beachcroft.